Hello, and welcome! My name is Stephanie, and I am a southern girl at heart and have been inspired by the people and elements around me. I grew up in a small suburb where the summers were hot, and the people were hospitable. I was raised by a Chicago native and a southern gentleman who always motivated me to chase my dreams.  I grew up going from school to dance studios and always on the go.  I had a love for creative energy and seeing where the wind took me. After college, I decided my career would reside in the field of nursing, leaving most of my creative energy behind. Now, I aspire to open the flood gates and allow my creative juices to flow again.

The name Francis Kathryn is derived from both of my grandmothers who have influenced my style and character throughout my life. Francis was very feminine and had a love for photography. She never left the house without some bright lipstick and her southern charm. Her home was decorated in old, antebellum style with a crystal chandelier in every room.  She was the epitome of a southern lady always teaching about etiquette and how things ‘should be’. Kathryn was a northerner, and a strong woman with a heart of gold. She knew how to handle every situation with a smile on her face.  Let’s just say she had a knack for telling someone to go to hell in a way they looked forward to the trip.  A tough love kind of lady, but you always felt her warmth. Her signature look consisted of a pair of diamond earrings and a chic pantsuit. Both of these women inspired my style and the woman I have become.

Fashion is my first love, but I also have a love for design, health, and am always thrilled to learn a new recipe (healthy or not!). I enjoy learning from the environment and people around me.  I feel if we are not always learning, then we are not growing. I hope to inspire others with my posts and learn a thing or two on this journey.  If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a message. Happy reading, and thanks for visiting!

**I write from personal experiences and what inspires me. Opinions are my own.**

💌 Inquiries at franciskathryn2@gmail.com

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