Dutch Baby, Oh Baby

Saturyay! I hope you are having a great Saturday morning. It’s a little rainy and chilly here in Alabama, but when you don’t have anywhere to be, it’s welcomed in my book. I typically enjoy waking up slow on Saturdays and making a heartier breakfast than our usual egg whites or protein smoothies. Even when we indulge, I try to make recipes that are healthy and full of whole ingredients. I often peruse Pinterest for recipe ideas, and I never feel let down! I found this Gluten-Free Dutch Baby with Blueberry Maple Syrup compliments of A Beautiful Plate. I have just discovered her page on Instagram, and I’m sold. She posts some delicious-looking recipes, so I think I’ll be trying and posting more soon. For now, let’s enjoy some Dutch baby goodness on this rainy Saturday morning. Have a healthy, yummy, and happy day! Xoxo, Steph

Recipe from A Beautiful Plate:


**I didn’t have gluten-free oats on hand, so I used regular oats I had in the pantry.

**I used skim milk since I usually stock that or almond milk. Whatever your preference!

**I used Earth Balance instead of butter. I typically cook with olive oil and do not buy butter often, so the plant-based spread worked well for non-stick and a buttery flavor.

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