Floral and Frilly

Happy Sunday! Today, I ventured to Home Goods to see if it was going to be a productive day. Turns out, it was! I was looking for some things to spruce up our bathroom space. I love having florals around to lighten the space with small details. I was able to find a lovely tray to set my candles and dish where I get ready in the mornings. I’ve been waiting to find the perfect stool/seat for my vanity, and I could not pass up the little gem I found! I love the detailing on the bottom. I tend to not follow many decorating rules, so I ended up mixing golds with silvers. Works for me!

While shopping, I passed the cutest wall table. I keep measurements recorded in my phone for when I find pieces at random. I measured the table in the store and couldn’t let it stay on the shelf. I scurried around the store to find some detail pieces and a lamp to set on top. How unique is that lamp?? If anyone buys things off the wall and different, it’s me. I got home and set up all of my fun pieces and feel like I accomplished a lot in just an hour and a half today. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for stopping in!

Wall table | leaf dish | green plant | lamp | florals with vases | bathroom tray | vanity seat >> Home Goods

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