Sharing the Shoreline

For the past 2 years, my husband and I have enjoyed exploring the Florida panhandle. Having family in the area, it’s nice to explore new places with familiar faces. We fell in love with Rosemary and Seacrest beaches with the quaint towns and convenient shops. My personal favorite, the Sugar Shak, is a place to feel like you’re in Willie Wonka’s candy factory. Filled with candy and a selection of ice creams, the Sugar Shak is bound to please any sweet tooth.

Yesterday, I stopped by the Fonville Press in Alys Beach, as I have become such a coffee junkie. I ordered my latte iced for the hot, beach day ahead, and it hit the spot. The architecture at Alys beach is always so incredible. I’m a little obsessed with white buildings and interiors as I tell my husband I’d paint our entire house white if I could. He begs to differ! The clean lines and beautiful buildings always amaze me here. It is truly a dream being able to come here, and the people are as friendly as can be.

The sunset walks actually make you want to exercise while on vacation 🙂

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